20 Amazing Visual Styles for Windows XP

Windows XP Visual Styles
If you follow my website regularly you know that I often write about Desktop Customization, be it Wallpapers, Icons, Screensavers or other applications. But one of the elements in a Operating System that has more impact are Visual Styles.
This post is directed to Window XP but I promise a Vista Post is already being done, as well as a Linux and Apple OSX one.
The Visual Styles I selected were picked form Deviant Art, my favorite source forcustomization elements, without a doubt. The List you’ll see here result from mypersonal taste and/or the quality of the theme itself. I admit I have a tendency to preferdarker themes, but that’s because I don’t usually like to go “blind when working too much hours on my Computer.
If you need help to enable Windows XP or Vista to use custom styles, refer to myAnatomy of my Desktop Post.

The Visual Styles

1. Royale Vista II
Royale Vista II
2. NeoGeniX
3. SlanXP 2.0
SlanXP 2.0
4. Clearlooks 0.6 Black
Clearlooks 0.6 Black
5. SlanXP 3
SlanXP 3
6. Luna Element 5
Luna Element 5
7. Kemikal 3
Kemikal 3
8. Concave VS
Concave VS
9. Ashen II
Ashen II
10. Foton VS
Foton VS
11. Thallos VS
Thallos VS
12. areao4.2
13. Royal Inspirat
Royal Inspirat
14. Tiger 2 VS
Tiger 2 VS
15. Pristine OS 1.2
Pristine OS 1.2
16. XPMC RC3
17. Hydrangea
18. Alduin
19. Milk
20. Black Mesa
Black Mesa